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Cook Islands Maori Digital Readers Available Now !!!

Do your children always want to grab your phone or tablet and play around? Now when they do, they can be increasing their Maori literacy as well.

A range of early reading Maori resources are now available on line and are free to anyone who would like to add them to their phone or other digital device for their children to use.

Each book has two pre-recorded readings. One spoken at the normal speed for fluent Maori readers and another spoken at a slower pace for second language learners needing help with pronunciation.

The translated books include titles such as Ara Reta, Pakoti Tita and Manea o te Kainga.  These resources are the first set and are intended for beginning and emergent readers of Cook Islands Maori.

The Ministry plans to continue adding more books to the online collection each year, and it higher levels of literacy, to increase the availability of Maori resources.  The books will be a valuable resource not just for students learning Maori, but also for keen learners around the world with access to the Ministry website.

Our current readers available for download

Level Title EPUB  PDF
 Emergent Reader  Akara Mai icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader Arareta icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader Au Kai icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader E Tano Ei icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader Ka Akapeea Koe icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader  Pakoti Tita icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader  Pareu Kiriau icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader  Purumu Kikau icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader  Taku Punua Puakaoa icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader  Te Nu a Nana icon-epub pdf-icon
 Emergent Reader  Manea no te Kaianga icon-epub pdf-icon

The readers are produced in the e-pub format and pdf format.  We recommend using the e-pub format to get the full visual and audio experience.

For windows users we recommend Adobe Digital Editions as your free e-pub viewer

Ipads will automatically read these files using ibooks.

Android users may need to try different apps to see what works best for their devices.  We found Skyreader to work well on many android devices.


Need translations?  Use our FREE Cook Island Maori Dictionary website, android app or iOS app.