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The Objectives of the HRM Division are:

  • To foster good employer/employee relations and ensure that all employees of the Ministry of Education feel valued and have opportunities for career advancement.
  • To sustain a culture of high performance through continuous staff development and training.
  • To ensure that all employees have current job descriptions and contracts of employment that are clearly defined, understood and agreed upon.
  • To ensure that professional development opportunities are aligned to appraisal goals and that access to such opportunities is provided equitably to employees.
  • To attract and recruit the most suitably qualified and experienced staff to fill all vacant positions.
  • To implement a Human Resources Management plan and operational policies for the Ministry of Education.
  • To ensure the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
  • To ensure that the Ministry of Education complies with statutory requirements in terms of adherence to relevant Acts and Policies as they relate to human resources.